Friday, October 16, 1998


Dear Steven, Grandy, Pappy, Grandmother, and Granddaddy,

It is beginning to feel like fall around here. It is definitely sweatshirt weather in the morning although it is pleasant and warm in the afternoons. I think we will have to turn on our heater before too long. We try to wait until the first of November because the rates go down then. I guess that as long as the boys are still wearing shorts to school, we're okay.

Steven, we enjoyed our conversation on Sunday and hope to have another one this weekend. I know you will have a lot of reading to do for history. It sounds like you are working out your system for getting everything done. I'm glad that you are enjoying dorm life and your roommates. You are a good manager. I'm assuming that you will be at the UCLA game this weekend and know that you will have fun.

We had a really fun weekend last weekend with all the activities. The Tournament of Bands parade and competition was a lot of fun, and Michael did a great job with his solos. David's soccer team won their first game of the season, and David made an awesome save. His coach said that if it had been televised, David's play would have made the play-of-the-week highlights tape.

Our week was a routine one. The boys had scouts, band practice, and soccer practice. Both boys had major tests, and David has been working on projects which are due next week. I took a substitute teaching job on Wednesday at the junior high school, and it was fun. I taught eighth grade core classes (language arts and social studies) and knew quite a few of the students. I am teaching again next Thursday for another eighth grade core teacher. He is also David's sixth grade core teacher, but he will be gone with David and his class to sixth grade outdoor school. The class leaves on Tuesday and spends until Friday at a camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They study mostly environmental science during the week, but they have to keep a journal and may have to write a paper when they return. David will have to make up his work in math and will have to catch up in art and metal shop. David is trying out for the wrestling team on Monday and will have to start practices as soon as he returns if he makes the team.

Michael took a career preference test in his ninth grade seminar class this week. They are beginning a new project and will spend the next few weeks in the career center. Michael's test revealed a strong interest in the sciences, particularly biology and environmental science. His second area of interest was crafts because he loves to use his hands and do woodworking and household repairs. His third interest was music. Michael agreed with the science but said that he really likes music better than crafts right now. He will have to research two jobs in his primary area for his next project. Steve pulled out his high school preference test to show Michael, and that was fun. Steve's test showed so many areas of interest that it was hard to pick out one.

Steve leaves on Sunday for England and returns the following Saturday. With David at science camp, Michael and I will be the only ones at home. I'm afraid that it will be a little too quiet for me. Next Friday, I am taking a friend to Stanford Hospital. Sherry had a double lung transplant in July and is back home but has to return for a bronchoscopy. I will take her and bring her back home in the afternoon. David gets back from camp before I return, so he is going to a friend's house for a couple of hours.

This weekend is relatively quiet. David has a soccer game at 9:00 a.m., and Michael's band plays at a game Saturday night. Steve will referee some games on Saturday and leave Sunday. I am taking thirty baked potatoes to the game on Saturday, so I will have to prepare them that afternoon. You should have seen my grocery cart this afternoon!

Grandy and Pappy, I hope you have fun at the Tarter family reunion this weekend. I know your morning treats will be a hit. I'm looking forward to hearing all the news from Pud and the others.

Grandmother and Granddaddy, we enjoyed hearing all about Glenn's party and Carol and Scott's visit. I'm so glad that Doris was able to go out to the ranch. I'm glad that she got to visit Great-Grand, also.

Steven, have a good week. I'm glad that you were able to buy some UCLA clothes after the last game. Maybe you can get some more good deals after this one. Have you needed your sweatshirt yet? Are you getting lots of exercise walking all around the campus? How often do you go off campus? I'll talk to you soon.