Friday, October 9, 1998


Dear Steven, Grandy, Pappy, Grandmother, and Granddaddy,

Let's see if I can fill up a page. Steven, I have tried to log on to your chat room a couple of times today to see how you feel about your classes and work load after a week. I've also been wondering if you have joined any campus groups and what your plans are for this weekend. I hope we can talk again on Sunday. I like to hear your voice occasionally.

Steve was in Florida from Sunday until Thursday. I think his meeting went well, but he is giving up this responsibility after the December meeting. He was very tired last night because he had to get up at 3:30 a.m. Florida time to catch his flight and then worked a full day in Palo Alto once he got back to California. He and David are on the couch watching a movie tonight. They both need some down time.

David had a busy week with several assignments and long range projects due. He had to stay up late two nights and was wiped out last night. He had soccer practice two afternoons and has a game tomorrow afternoon. His team still hasn't won a game, but David played goalie the last half of last weekend's game and only let one goal get past him. He looks very good out on the field. Now he is saying that he wants to try out for the wrestling team, and of course, Michael is encouraging that. I have mixed feelings, as you can imagine.

Michael's first grading period ended today, and he checked his grades and thinks he has all A's. Some teachers had not finished averaging in everything, and we won't get the official notification for a couple of weeks. He has had extra band practices every morning this week because this weekend is the 28th annual Cupertino Tournament of Bands. Michael's school hosts this competition as a fundraiser, and it has grown so big that the entire district (five high schools) now helps sponsor it. It starts with a parade down Stevens Creek Boulevard Saturday morning. Twenty-three high schools are entered into the parade competition. The afternoon has optional field drills, and in the evening sixteen schools are entered into the field show competition. Michael's school cannot compete because it is the host, but it can participate and receive feedback from the judges. We expect the entire event to last from 7:30 a.m. until midnight. I am selling programs and hat pins for two hours during the parade, and we will attend the field show competition that night.

The weather turned cooler here this past week, and I enjoyed walking with Wendy Armstrong (a friend and neighbor) three mornings for an hour after our kids got off to school. I also hiked with Linda Allen and Lisa Hughes one morning. We went up on Skyline Drive and had a nice view of the valley. I also went to a PTA Council luncheon on Tuesday and a luncheon at Linda's house (to celebrate something in the Jewish calendar) today. Most people that she invited were non-Jewish, and I had a very nice time.

This weekend we will be tied up with soccer and the Tournament of Bands on Saturday. We will go to church Sunday morning and to Ben Hellie's Eagle Court of Honor that afternoon. Ben got his Eagle about a month before Steven did and is in the same troop. I hope that will be all as I really like my Sunday afternoon nap and phone calls.

Steven, Michael is at the Lynbrook vs. Cupertino football game right now. We are waiting for him to come home so that we can find out if your high school or Michael's won. I think he will send you an instant message when he gets home.

Everyone have a good week!